Pls help!! Trich since 5 months.Going bald!

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Pls help!! Trich since 5 months.Going bald!

Please help!I am having trichillotomania since 5 months. My hair is going bald and it's severe. I tried going to doctor but it didnt help me. What shall I do?
The itchness in my scalp is increasing very much. I feel like pulling my scalp cover as such.
Pulling my hair interrupts my daily acitivities.
I need help.Suggest me some ways.

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Hi there...I too suffer from trich and have been researching ways of stopping the urge. I just came across Keen you should google it.

Check it out.

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Hi my daughter has trich and she also has the keen bracelet. She has it on both her wrist and it seems to do ok for her. I did alot of research and of the one thing that did seem to help her alot is I bought her the conditioner and the hair serum. The conditioner she carries with her all day and what it does is help cools and numbs the spot where she is having the urge. She has been using the conditioner for awhile now and she loves it and she hasn't pulled ever since and her hair has been coming back alot with the help of the serum. I hope this helps.