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Louisajane1948 , 01 Mar 2018

Pulling nose hair

Hi people. I have been doing the above since I was a child, and it never stops, I have to do it most days. It used to make me very ashamed but now I know I can manage it and it hasn't harmed me and I don't do it when anyone is around, so I kind of accept it and just try to limit it a bit. I know all the reasons why it is not a good thing and even dangerous but I am aged 69 and it has not killed me yet. I don't like it because it is such an ugly habit and seems more common among men than women, so unfeminine also. I don't even know if I am bothered that much about stopping, but want maybe some support or understanding from others. As far as I know the reason I started was because I had whooping cough at 4 months old and was always full of cold as a child, with difficulty breathing, difficulty talking easily, and always congested, having to sit over a bowl of hot water with pungent oils to decongest me. So my nose was a very sensitive place and I so wanted it to be clean and unblocked. I wonder if anyone shares similar experiences. I live in the UK in northern England.

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