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EllenR , 10 Feb 2018

New here


I am now on day six of not pulling.
I pulled from my scalp with my hands and on my legs with tweezers.

I am also an alcoholic and the pulling has gotten worse since I stopped drinking, which tells me that some of the triggers must be the same.
Like when I quit drinking, I feel disturbed and unsettled inside, very emotional, and stressed. I am considering going to my GP to ask for medication to help me deal with this. Has anyone got any experience with this?

I am very bad with forums, but I will give this a shot, because I really want to stop pulling. I have tried to stop before, but that failed.


1 Answer
March 06, 2018
Hi Ellen,

I was googling ways to stop and I came across keen. It’s a bracelet that you can wear to help stop the urge and make you snap out of it when you get the urge to pull. Check out out:

I’m new to forums too. Don’t worry :)

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