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claire , 10 Apr 2014

Hey there, I'm pretty new to this

I am 15 years old and have been fighting against trich since I was 6, I currently go to several therapists after my sister asked the school if they could do anything to help.
I have relapses now and then but, on the whole, I have to say that therapy really is helping me and I feel as though there may finally be a way for me to learn to deal with the condition without feeling so ashamed or afraid any more.

It's not that I feel pity for myself, because I know that things like this have to happen to someone and if it weren't me then it would be somebody else and I suppose thinking of it like that helps me to deal with it (Personally, I'm just relieved that my twin sister doesn't have to put up with this crap...she has been beyond helpful and I really don't think I'd be managing this well without her.)

Still though, the whole reason I'm on this site right now is because I've just spent the past two hours crying and self-loathing over some stupid comment someone made on the bus home. "Did you know you only have lashes on your bottom lid? Because that's really gross" Just hearing that made my stomach lurch, and ever since I got home today all I've been thinking about is how disgusting I am, that I don't deserve to live or be around other "normal" people.
But then I remember that I'm not the only one and that there are literally millions of other people going through the exact same shit as me right now and I don't know whether to feel happy that I'm not alone or sickened that I'm so weak.

But yeah, therapy helps, I suppose it is kinda nice to have someone to vent to, other than my sister who I feel quite guilty about after dragging her into this. Although, one of the therapists I talk to tends to treat me more like a science project than someone who's trying to help. although I suppose it makes sense, after all they're just trying to find out more about the condition and if that means that they can help someone else sort their problems out then I suppose I'm ok with it.

Anyway, what about you guys, do you ever just get home or wake up and just think "I'm worth less than shit." and if so how do you drag yourself out of that hole?
Personally, I just cry. A lot.

2 Answers
April 27, 2014
hi claire, first of, welcome to the forum!
yeah it sometimes can become frustrating, but life goes on. sometimes its better sometimes its worth.
you're right, it's very comforting knowing you're totally not alone with this.
and so for the therapist you're going to, if it's helping you then its great! just keep in mind that there are therapists our there who actually specialize in treating trich (rather than treating you as a "science project" as you put it).
wish you all the best!
April 28, 2014
Hi Claire. I'm glad you don't feel sorry for yourself and that therapy is helping. I used to let trich get me down and mess with my self esteem, but not Anymore! Us with trich are not shallow at least, that is a blessing! Don't wallow in worthlessness because you will be depriving those who would benefit from your love and knowledge. You are a bright light, so don't forget to shine for all to see- eyelashes or no eyelashes. Also, if you don't have a higher power, figure out what that may be to you and ask for help on your journey to being pull free. You can do it! I know because I am living proof.

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