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No Eyelashes

I have just discovered TTM and I don’t know how to break this habit. I have no eyelashes at the moment. I’m very ashamed of the way I look because I can’t wear makeup and use some of the makeup other girls wear that are my age. I am extremely stressed I am an A/B student and in one class I have a C and to top it off it’s my Junior year the most important year for colleges. My grandmother and I are really close and she is terminally ill and it’s really taken a blow on me. My high school experience hasn’t been a great one I have no friends practically and it’s really hard to want to be social able but in the back of my mind I know that I look wierd and people know it so they won’t give me a second glance. This all makes me pluck. I just for once want to be normal or seen as acceptable. I will soon have to take senior portraits and pictures I would just like to have my own eyelashes for the pictures. Can someone please help me with my habit and give me some ideas on how to grow back my lashes in a fuller and longer and healthier way? Thank you for reading my rant I might seem dramatic to most but I really feel like I have set myself free dumping this all out.

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Just wanted to best of luck in your progress, and take it as a challenge to quit the hair pulling!
Don't have much magical advice other than try to start out with small successes such as trying to watch it grow out for a little, then try to play a repetitive mind game with yourself of constantly saying "STOP Pulling! Let's just see what happens when I leave it alone again today" and celebrate the small successes on day at a time.

The accumulated number of times we habitually pulled in the past leading to damage has to be countered with the accumulated times we STOP. Stopping has to become the new habit, and the new habit of not doing it seems to need to be burned it for weeks if not months.

Nothing big will happen if we are not patient. I know it sounds cliche, but try to take things a day a at time. Also, you will likely relapse which I've done plenty as well. You need to get back on it. Sometimes its just simply a bad day at school/work that gets us to relapse. We need to be mindful of that and continue to remind ourselves "STOP!" one moment at a time.

Also, I know it's not for everyone, but I've been taking biotin to improve hair growth rate. Some people say they have acne break outs taking it, but that hasn't been a problem at least for me.

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Just want to say that I know that it seems really hard right now, but overtime things will get easier!

i was in your situation 1 year ago. I am a straight A high school student and school along with some family stress brought my trich to the max and I had plucked all of my upper eyelashes out. I tried many things to try to get me to stop pulling, but none of them worked until I learned how to accept myself. I had to tell myself that I wanted to get better and that I wanted to have my eyelashes. It might seem silly because yeah who doesn't want their eyelashes? But you really have got to tell yourself repeatedly over and over and day by day until you fully accept it. I'm sorry to say that this isn't a one day fix, it is a lifetime fix.

But anyways, some resolutions that I found that worked for me are: 1) using vaseline- kind of sounds silly, but there is something in vaseline that allows hair to grow. So every morning and night I would rub a thin layer of vaseline on where my eyelashes used to be. (no it does not hurt nor is it bad if you get it in your eye, but its also not the best feeling ever) 2) false lashes- I would especially recommend this if your senior pictures are coming up soon. I just bought a pair that I thought were cute and made sure that they came with the special glue. This does get expensive so I recommend taking good care of the lashes. 3) I would put eyeliner where my eyelashes used to be. i bought an eyeliner pen and would put a very thin line to make it look like I had some form of eyelashes when I actually did not

It took me around 3 months to grow my eyelashes fully back, but I still suffer trich on my scalp. My best advice for you is to really try to learn to love/accept yourself because honestly that is the most important part in getting better.

I hope that everything goes well for you and happy holidays!