How to explain it?

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How to explain it?

Does anybody know how can I explain my mother that my trichotillomania isn't a problem. For me it really isn't. I pluck out eyebrows myltiple times a day and eyelashes but only once or twice. I read that it doesn't have any physical damage besides the hair maybe not growing back (but that isn't a problem for me) but it has mental damage to most people. I don't have any mental damage from it. I probably will never entirely pluck them out because I only have the urge to pluck them out with hands and you cant do much with them. I pluck them everyday in school because so people probably notice but I don't care and I'm not ashamed or anything.

But, according to my mother I act and look like a freak she said she will make go to a psychiatrist on Monday(I am terrified of ANY types of doctors). How to explain it to her???

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I admire your ability to not see it as an issue and to be accepting of yourself.

Not to over-step my bounds nor scope, but I think long-term you do indeed want to try to reduce/eliminate pulling.

Reasons are not just cosmetic, i.e. eyelashes and eyebrows do indeed serve health purposes.

If you decide your goal will be to eliminate pulling, perhaps let your mother know and come up with a plan of action, even if you carry it through partially or better yet whole.