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Julia , 31 Oct 2017

My short story + someone to talk about it + fast hair growth?

Hi Everyone!
First of all, sorry if my English is not 100% correct, it's not my native language.
Secondly, I would like someone to talk to about trich. I haven't told anyone yet, but I feel like talking to someone and hear experiences from others.
My experience with trichotillomania is a bit different than the ones I've read one internet. My trich has been very short, but pretty intense. It started about 1/1,5 months ago when I had a lot of stress caused by university and my driving exam. I knew the hair pulling was wrong, but it felt sort of stress-relieving. Besides that, my hair was really thick, so I thought "a few less hairs" wouldn't mind. Of course, it weren't just "a few hairs", it was a huge amount of hair which I pulled out. After a few weeks ( I think about 2-3 weeks) I suddenly noticed how bad it had become and I stopped pulling immediately. My hair now is not was it used to be. The top of my scalp is extremely thin. While there used to be like ten layers of hair on my scalp, there's only one now. On many spots you can see my scalp trough the hair. And no matter how I style my hair, there's always at least one thin patch. I don't have real bald patches, but the entire top of my head is just so thin, like I'm some old bald woman.
I've read that in most cases the hair grows back. But still, i'm scared that my hair will remain this way.
Now, have you guys got some tips how to grow hair faster (and yes I tried the inversion method and castor oil, but both don't seem to work out)? And also, I would like to talk to somebody about trich and just idk life i guess....:).

1 Answer
Hot rod.68
November 02, 2017
I’ve had mine nearly 40 years now, in the past I ended up shaving everywhere to stop doing it, I’ve gone through the doctors, the medication, shrinks etc etc, I’m nearly 50 now and I’m even colouring in iPad color book I’ll try anything but medication because I don’t want to be worse of with more problems, before you use creams etc see doctor first don’t risk your life trying stuff that could cause more problems, doctors are there to help you, see a doctor the medication might be better now than when I was 11 years old with this condition.

My advice is when you have a feeling of doing it, do something else like write, color books anything to get your brain thinking of something else, I know it’s hard and with stress I’ve been there, and still have it.

I’ll talk with you if you iif don’t mind me being a man I understand what you going through, you could shave your head etc and wear a wig it allow your hair to recover over time, I did this plus shaved everywhere because I was pulling hair out all over me.

I would see a doctor first before you try anything, because the medication might just work for you.

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