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rubenandcherise , 18 Oct 2017

My quick story: man pulling


Just found this site...I'm a guy 38 and found I'm not alone. Damn, this is embarassing but I'm a beard, nose hair and pubic hair puller....mostly pubic hair around ball sack area...I know I'm a weirdo but wonder if any other guys do that?...I watched a youtube video where a model does it so it made me feel better in a way...I like to be fully shaved and it's tough to take razer to ball sack area so I just pull in that vicinity and not the most sensitive parts like above. Anyways it also feels good to me and love the rare times the follicle comes out...I think its really cool...anyways been doing it for years but do it there so a girl can suck them without nasty hair there. Sorry if this is disgusting to some but it feels good being clean there. My dream girl is to have her pull them for me too....I know...weirdo mode

also a big fan of chin hair pulling and sometimes do in public...friend caught me doing it and just laughed...I said it was a stress and anxiety thing and its embarrasing when there is a slight bald spot or uneven it sitting in traffc too...okay rant over and had to get this off my chest...I also pull hairs around nipple...grrrrrr

probably no one reads this but don't to all

3 Answers
Hot rod.68
October 31, 2017
Hi you a weirdo mate believe me, your friend is a idiot for laughing at you, people don’t understand unless they going through it themselves, only people who care about you will support you not judge you.

I started when I was 11 I’m now going on 50, you not alone, I know what started mine it was my parents divorce I had a nervous breakdown with other problems because of it, mine was caused by stress at that age I had no one to talk to, there were no likes of internet then like now, I’ve pulled hair from just about everywhere you can think off, I’ve been to doctors and medication then it not working for me. Over the years it’s got better it’s only a few places now, like eye lashes, arms, legs and the private parts. It not every day now for me, but some get relief from I get the opposite it’s shameful for me because I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but I can’t stop after decades of doing it but it’s getting better for me, since I was young I grew with it and for decades I thought I was a freak until one day a few years ago I heard it on the radio about this condition, I thought I was the only one like this but turns out there quite a lot of people who suffer with it.

The best way I’ve done is shave everywhere, I’ve done this inc round the ball sack, I’ve told my loved one because it’s embarrassing for me but more with Shane I’m hoping one day I will stop altogether, I try and do things to keep my mind from it, but as you it’s hard.

I hope my story will give you some peace that you not on your own, this is the first time I’ve spoken in a forum about this, I’m like you a man and hard to talk about this but reading your story I thought it’s best to say something as I suffer like the rest with this condition.
Hot rod.68
October 31, 2017
There a spelling mistake it’s meant to say you not a weirdo bloody pre text on my iPad missed the word and I can’t edit it
Hot rod.68
October 31, 2017
Apologies for the spelling mistake I’ll have to read it next time before I post it as there no edit button, god I look stupid now at my age lol.

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