How I stopped pulling my hair.

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How I stopped pulling my hair.

I've been battling with trichotillomania almost my entire life, I started pulling the hairs on the back, front and sides of my head when I was 10 years old. I am currently 25.
I know people who enjoy pulling an occasional hair every now and then, but that unfortunately wasn't my case at all-
I'd pull lots and lots of hairs throughout the entire day, especially when driving, watching tv or reading a book. It was compulsive and created big visible bald spots.
Year after year I would look at the mirror and feel ashamed and frustrated at the sight of the bald spots who just did not improve, because as soon as there was new growth I'd pull it again.
I tried gloves, hair products, hats..nothing helped. I was honestly starting to doubt whether I would ever stop.
A few months ago my friend told me about something that helped him get rid of his compulsions (knuckle cracking), and so I was super excited to try it.
So before I tell you what was the thing that helped me I'm asking you to please suspended any judgment and keep an open mind-It's called ayahuasca.
It's a Peruvian drug taken as a part of a ceremony and is known for it's remedial properties. It helps with trauma, addiction, compulsion etc.
After attending ONE ceremony I am completely pull-free. The ceremony was in early september, it's now october, and I haven't pulled a single hair since, which is miraculous because I couldn't even go a few hours without pulling. THE URGE TO PULL IS COMPLETELY GONE. I still sometimes reach for my hair but I always notice it and stop myself, and I'm sure this instinct will also soon disappear soon.
I can not even begin to describe the emotional relieve, happiness and improved quality of life.
The ayahuasca helped me deal with the core issues of self acceptance who manifested themselves in the form of hair pulling. It also helped me deal with other issues and problems that have been hunting me for years.
I live in southern california and attended a ceremony here but have heard of ceremonies in other states and of course in south america.
I'm open to talking to anyone here or privately and will post this on other forums in hopes it helps at least one other person!