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_lwyatt_ , 05 Oct 2017

Educating family members

Hey guys, I answered a similar question on this recently but I wanted to spread the word a bit more.

We all know that informing close friends and family members in trich is a challenge. For example, my mother thought pulling was an action of self harm and she never understood why I pulled my lashes. However, she recently found a book off amazing called ‘Parent Guide to Hair Pulling Disorder’ by Suzanne Mouton-Odum PhD + Ruth Gildfinger Golomb LCPC. This was founded off Amazon. I’m sure this is only one of many great books out there, probably not the best compared to others. However I have been connecting better with her about this subject as she now understands certain topics that we may be uncomfortable saying.

Remember that it’s important to talk to someone, wether that be a family member or close friend. If nobody understands, a therapist will be there. Support and motivation will lead to great success.

Good luck and have a great rest of the week!

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