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Cmr-58 , 21 Sep 2017

Beard pulling.

I am a 50 year old man and been pulling out my beard hair on the sides of my face since I was in my early 20's.
I tried very hard this time last year to try and stop, grew quite a good growth of hair, but then in a couple of times it was all pulled out again.
Now my pulling seems to be worse than I can ever remember.
Any men in the same boat ?


3 Answers
September 21, 2017
Question or comment:

Have you tried applying itch creams to your beard at night? For the past few days, I recently have been applying itch cream to my self-inflicted bald spots on my head at night before I sleep, and it seems to help. At first, I used hydrocortisone cream but now I'm using more generic equivalent benadryl cream. I don't find myself waking up in the middle of the night overwhelmingly need to repetitively pull/scratch for hours anymore. It also seems to help at work too since every time I get stressed or bored, I no longer seem to have a reflex to put my hand to my head scratching [presumably trying to get to induce an inflamed "itch"].

I understand it's not literally itching that we are dealing with, but the itch cream does contain stuff to sooth somewhat as it often becomes inflamed, and we are going after the same spot over and over without reason.

September 21, 2017
I forgot, in addition to the itch cream (that includes a "skin protectant" that at least for me makes the "itch" to scratch/pull feel better and make the hair texture feel slightly greased and different so I don't go after the "interesting" fledgling hairs), I've also taken 5000 mcg biotin supplements to try to help the hair grow back faster.

I have 3 different reasons for the biotin supplements for hair and nail:
-- Obviously the bald spots from hair pulling. Need the hair to grow back faster.
-- Bad finger nail that keeps on peeling likely from using my thumb too much on equipment at work. The biotin seems to be making the fingernail stronger so far.
-- Purple toenail from tennis injury.

The biotin doesn't help my urge to pull hair (the itch cream has seem to help it more), but it certainly addresses my finger nail issues so far and probably helps the hair grow back faster.

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