Please help.. I need a trich buddy??

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Please help.. I need a trich buddy??

So here I am hating myself, crying, my eyes hurt, I've spent hours applying endless eyeliner to cover what I've done.

I've not done it to this extent in a while, only minor pulling but all of a sudden it's got really bad, I feel stressed and uneasy and now self conscious.

I don't like admitting it out loud but I've read online that talking to someone who's going through this as well can help.

If anyone else wants someone to talk to, to tell them what's on your mind, how your feeling, listen to eachother a problems, to try and help eachother to stop I can do that and I really hope someone can do that for me to.

It'd be over email so we don't have to even know anything about eachother, just communicate over email when we're feeling weak to try and help eachother and distract away from the urge.

Please reply if you would consider helping me. Thanks.

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If you need an accountability person to log progress, that would help me too. I am on day four of taking biotin and resisting pulling and have been logging daily that I have abstained from pulling out fledgling hairs. It has been difficult as I have been feeling around my self-inflicted bald spots for small hairs to re-pull. My hair pulling issues have seemed life long, but it will disappeared for years, then come back especially when I have stress at school or work that seem to be insurmountable. This summer when I got overwhelmed with my IT job, I ending up spending long hours drinking coffee in front of the computer and kept on pulling. I woke up in the middle of the night this past AM and for two hours tried to white knuckle and tried to fight really hard not to pull my hair. I am trying desperately to visualize how much better I will look if I don't pull.

All the best!