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Michelley007 , 05 Aug 2017

My story about Trich

I started pulling when I was 12 years old. I had and continue to have a lot of anxiety. Now at the age of 28 my anxiety has gotten worse. I want to say what started this disorder is my dad was really hard on my about school and grades and would always compare me to my brother. Well as a little girl you always want to make your parents proud especially your dad.I always felt like I could ever make him proud of me. When I would get yelled at or pressuered about school I would twirl my hair then one day I pulled out a strand and thats when it all started. I started pulling from the back of my head and my mom noticed a bald spot. She asked me what happen and I told her I wasn't sure, but I knew what happened I pulled my own hair out. She scheduled me a doctors appointment I did not tell them I pulled my hair I was ashamed and felt they would think I was weird. My hair was sent off for tests because the doctors though it was falling out. I wasn't until I saw the psychologist and he asked me if I pulled my own hair out well I coolant lie so I told him I did and thats when I was diagnosed with trichotilomania. I thought I was the only one with this disorder until I met a girl at my church who struggled with it. She eventually overcame it and her hair grew back. I never opened ups to my peers about it and my closet friends were the only ones who knew. I had dated guys in high school and would eventually tell them about the disorder I struggled with they didn't seem to care. Growing up it was hard opening up about my disorder I look back and I wish I did share with my peers why I had bald patches on my head. I got picked on in school and I hated it. I hated that I had to wear a wig that I couldn't curl for my senior prom I just wanted to be like all the other girls and have my own hair.

It wasn't until I got older that I started to tell people about my disorder and educate them on it and felt comfortable sharing my story. In march 2013 I shared my story and talked about my disorder on Facebook. The amount of love and support I received was amazing! I had girls message me and say they struggle with the disorder as well. In July, 2015 I met my current boyfriend. one day he was playing with my hair and I had fusion extensions in my hair. He said what is this in your hair. I was shocked and scared and in my head I was like well I am going to tell him if he does not like me because of it then he isn't the one for me. So I explained to him they were extensions and why I have extensions. I told him my story an explained to him what trichotilomania was. He thanked me for letting him know and that it didn't change the way he felt about me. We are currently still dating he supports me through it all and continues to educate himself on the disorder. This summer I recently shaved me head I wanted to have control over this order. Sharing my head was pretty scary, but it's the best decision I have made and should have done it years ago. My hair is growing pretty fast but you can see the places I have done damage too. Since shaving my head I have not had an urges to pull my hair and I do not find my hand wondering to touch my hair. I have come so far since I was diagnosed with this disorder. I love that I am more open about it and I can educate people on this disorder. I am currently starting my masters for social work. I am hoping to go around to different middle schools and high schools and educate students on this disorder and hoping to be able to get parent support groups in each School district. I know you can feel embarrassed about this disorder but we are community and we are here for one another you are not alone. If anyone ever needs to talk feel free to email me I love to share my story.

Two good books I have read
Life is Trichy. its written by Lindsay M. Muller
You are not alone written by Cheryn Salazar
both of these books are amazing and gives you good information.

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September 14, 2017
Thanks for sharing your story, and glad your boyfriend is supportive!

Hoping for continued successes trying to at least subdue if not eliminate this habitual behavior for a long time! I recently got a buzz cut to try to get better at this too.

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