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OMAMFan17 , 01 Aug 2017

12 yrs old, severe puller, mother constantly mad at me due to trich. Help?

I started when I was ten and have been pulling for two years now. My parents have always been disappointed due to my inability to stop and the severity of the pulling. Recently, my dad has been more supportive, but around two weeks ago, I started pulling hair from scalp (it had just been eyebrows/eyelashes before). My mother has become cold hearted over this time and I was wondering, how do you explain to a family member to stop bullying you due to trich and how do you try to explain to them your little victories? If anyone could reach out to me, that would really help my situation.

2 Answers
August 02, 2017
Hey OMAMFan17,

I'm 17 so I've got a few more years of trich wisdom I'd be happy to share with you! You can contact me through Snapchat at cupkate2424, I have had similar situation between me and my Mom before so I know how hard it can be. Hope to hear from you soon!
August 02, 2017
Do you realize how big of a deal it is for you to have joined a forum to help you during this time? You are using resources that I didn't think to use until many years after I suffered with trich. Not only is that brave, but that initiative will provide you with strength to get through this.

As for your mother, her outward demeanor toward you may really be a reflection of her feeling powerless to help you through something she doesn't want for you, and it could, also, be attributable to her feeling somewhat responsible. She may just be processing her own feelings of inadequacy; which is making her less available to you.

That aside, it's not contributing to your progress and recovery. If you plan to discuss it with her, you should inform her that she has been distant at a time when you really need her. Also, you might mention that her behavior may only exacerbate an already fragile circumstance.

Express yourself openly and directly. She may not know how she should be there for you, until you confront her. But, let her know that you need someone you can feel safe discussing it with.

As long as I've had trich, I know, with certainty, no one is harder on me, than me. You don't need any external forces contributing to further shame while you're trying to make sense of this time. give her some information about trich and how it's a form of ocd. Maybe knowing more will make her feel better equipped to be there for you. You may benefit from counseling from one who specializes in ocd. Don't silence yourself on her behalf.

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