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SadGamer , 29 Jul 2017

Teen - Been pulling for a while now

I started pulling in 2013/14 and it began when I had scraggly long hair.

It wasn't well looked after, it was dry and dead and had matts so my hair needed to be cut short. But with the stress in my life I kept pulling it.

I didn't want to leave the house. I felt too ashamed and scared. I started study from home. In 2015, I grew back enough for a smallish ponytail that covered a bald spot and I had a fringe. It didn't last.

By last year I lost so much I decided to just cut it all off. I've done this a couple times now.

This year, at first, It was growing back well. I got back into a proper school environment. However I now only ever wear wigs outside. I like wigs, but sometimes I just wish I could just have my hair flowing like other girls.

Some stressful things happened in my life again, my hair being short didn't help as I started using tweezers. My main trigger isn't just stressful events but I also suffer from a lot of scalp acne and inflammation. Those are usually the places I pull, as if i'm making it better. Of course I know I'm not.

My biggest concern is that I won't be able to have my last school picture taken with my real hair, go to the beach without feeling embarassed or have any sort of intimate relationship. Though these worries probably only fuel it more.

I think I need someway or plan for stopping for good, self-motivation alone isn't working.

1 Answer
A Dying Storm
August 05, 2017
Don't worry about your future or your past. Worry about right now and how you will beat this. You can do it. Many people suffer for a long time but you can beat it, just try the steps that have made other people successful if you can. I've been pulling my eyelashes for 15 years since I was 12 years old and I have dealt with all the thoughts you have now. I will look like an alien on my graduation photo, but guess what. That is my past and all I have now is the present, who knows what the future will hold so just hold on to positivity and the fact that you will beat this. Good luck. You are not alone.

By the way I did beat it once.. I wasn't 100% but I'd say I was around 90% or more and then my world kind of crumbled again and back to it, but as I sit here and pick my eyelashes and try to tell you to beat this. I have a battle to fight too. That's why I say you are not alone and it isn't easy but just try to find what makes you happy and I hope that will be the motivation to beat this. It can be done.

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