No eyelashes/eyebrows

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No eyelashes/eyebrows

Hello, I'm kim. I'm 16 years old and I've dealt with tric since kindergarten. First it started with eyelashes. I would pull them out just for fun. Now it's a habit. Just like some people bite their nails I pull my eyelashes out. A couple years ago I started moving onto my eyebrows. I absolutely hate that I have. My self esteem is so low. I've put on fake lashes and winged eve liner and that's fine. My problem now is my eyebrows. I'm very good a filling them in but a couple months ago my mom and I put some money together and got my eyebrows microbladed. It's basically where someone takes a blade made out of Tiny tiny needles and makes hair like strokes with a semi permanent ink. The first time I got it done the pigment didn't hold completely. I just recently went back in for a touch up and they looked great! Now they are getting patchy and I have to go on vacation soon and I can't fill them in due to infection risk. So here I am at 2:45 am all upset because of this.

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We are always our worst critics, and don't worry about what people will think. Judgemental people aren't worth our time anyways. You will meet the pure ones this way.

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I am sorry that you are suffering. I myself suffer with pulling out my eyelashes. But have currently been pull free for 2 weeks now.

I have tried soooo many things, perhaps they may work for you:
-Cut nails super short so that you cant get a grip
-Wear plasters on your pulling fingers/thumb
-Keep a journal
- Keep a small note pad in your bag and keep a tally every time you have an urge to pull
- Wear gloves
- Read books specialising in trich
- Meditate
- Use a 'fidget spinner' or a 'fidget cube'
- Play with a squidgy toy when your in situations your most likely to pull
- CBT activity books

A few weeks ago I was at a wits end, it got bad and I felt I was only going to get worse and never end.. I was going to end up with BALD eyes!!!! I exhausted google and came across a thing called a KEEN by Habitaware and this has been my saviour for the past 2 weeks...I honestly haven't pulled once.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.