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Kimmi , 20 Jul 2017

No eyelashes/eyebrows

Hello, I'm kim. I'm 16 years old and I've dealt with tric since kindergarten. First it started with eyelashes. I would pull them out just for fun. Now it's a habit. Just like some people bite their nails I pull my eyelashes out. A couple years ago I started moving onto my eyebrows. I absolutely hate that I have. My self esteem is so low. I've put on fake lashes and winged eve liner and that's fine. My problem now is my eyebrows. I'm very good a filling them in but a couple months ago my mom and I put some money together and got my eyebrows microbladed. It's basically where someone takes a blade made out of Tiny tiny needles and makes hair like strokes with a semi permanent ink. The first time I got it done the pigment didn't hold completely. I just recently went back in for a touch up and they looked great! Now they are getting patchy and I have to go on vacation soon and I can't fill them in due to infection risk. So here I am at 2:45 am all upset because of this.

2 Answers
A Dying Storm
August 05, 2017
We are always our worst critics, and don't worry about what people will think. Judgemental people aren't worth our time anyways. You will meet the pure ones this way.
August 07, 2017
I am sorry that you are suffering. I myself suffer with pulling out my eyelashes. But have currently been pull free for 2 weeks now.

I have tried soooo many things, perhaps they may work for you:
-Cut nails super short so that you cant get a grip
-Wear plasters on your pulling fingers/thumb
-Keep a journal
- Keep a small note pad in your bag and keep a tally every time you have an urge to pull
- Wear gloves
- Read books specialising in trich
- Meditate
- Use a 'fidget spinner' or a 'fidget cube'
- Play with a squidgy toy when your in situations your most likely to pull
- CBT activity books

A few weeks ago I was at a wits end, it got bad and I felt I was only going to get worse and never end.. I was going to end up with BALD eyes!!!! I exhausted google and came across a thing called a KEEN by Habitaware and this has been my saviour for the past 2 weeks...I honestly haven't pulled once.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.


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