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Sam1988 , 04 Jul 2017

Trich gets brought on when im anxious

Hi everyone. I have suffered from Trich since I was 10 and im now nearly 29. It comes and goes. Mainly due to stressful periods in my life. I can control it but lately have really struggled to control the urge to pull my hair out and its really bad at the moment. Its so noticable and makes me feel really insecure and embarrased. I dont like my family noticing as they get upset and my mum crys. I suffer both anxiety and depression. Im on medication but lately I have been anxious due to money worries since my partner lost his job through no fault of his own and I have been the only one working for few months. I have also suffered ill health for the past year. It hasnt been an easy time but with my trich being so bad I am like a recluse. I dont want to go out. I am even struggling to want to come to work. I can usually hide my bald patch with my hair but I have pulled so much that the top of my hair is nearly gone. I have to wear a head scarf :(! Does anyone have any tips?

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September 14, 2017
Me too. Stress/anxiety and fear of failure is exactly what brings me back to self-inflicted bald spots.

Like many others, I've been trying to keep a log and trying to touch the head but not pull to let it grow back. Trying biotin too since I have a bad receding thumbnail and a purple toe from sport injury, so hoping that will help the recovery process faster.

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