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Honestly , 28 Jun 2017

Eyebrow pulling

I can't stop and I can't deal with how insecure I feel after they're all ripped out and I'm covered in scabs :( I just want to stop :(

1 Answer
August 07, 2017
I thought about how to start this comment off with sympathy, understanding, or some advice to help you stop that honestly won't help because eventually the more you delay it that's all the problem is going to be is delayed and at some point the whole process will start over. I saw your username honestly and I'm brutally honest so I figured I'd give you some actual help. That's the problem with all of us is we cant stop and feel like we are never going to so we just need to toss the idea of stopping. Giving ourselves hope that we can stop then hitting rockbottom all of a sudden is just putting us deeper into depression by constantly letting ourselves down. Instead we need to work on coping better. Nowadays with all the new things people are coming out with its definitely easier than before. I have recently found a site called and I don't know if you have heard but they have eyebrow wigs now! I recently just bought some after reading recommendations and watching videos. They look very real from what I've seen in the videos and people say that nobody can even tell they are wearing fake eyebrows unless they tell them. I'm so excited to get mine in, people say even though they are pricey ($50.00) that they are worth it, and if you take care of them they last awhile. I pulled out my eyebrows a couple of times and since then I haven't let them grow back, when any little hairs start to grow I pluck them out and it keeps me from trying to grow them out. I know if I can just allow them to grow in fully I'll have no problem keeping them because it's the way my eyebrows grow in that bothers me. I don't depend on my trich getting better though because I'll keep letting myself down that way. If the eyebrow wigs are a no go for you I've looked up videos on drawing in your eyebrows and making them look real. There's a type of eyebrow pencil you can use to draw in hairs to add depth of course with some other products (mainly brow powder or you can even use brown eyeshadow) to make it look like you have actual hairs and look less like you painted them on. I hope this helps! (:

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