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thelandofnothing , 02 Jun 2017

Someone (who knows how I feel) needed

I've been pulling my hair out since year 6 to the point where the top of my head is completely short and I have never met someone irl who has trich. I consider myself to be very self conscious and anxious all the time and I know trich has slowly ruined my life. The fact that trich had destroyed my social life, my confidence and my physical perception of myself, made me wonder if I could talk to anyone about it. My parents are quite supporting of what I go through daily but they fail to be able to react to it in a way that would help me overcome it. Alongside my abnormal disorder, I have had multiple bouts of depression since year 6. Last year I was feeling a lot better with myself and did not feel suicidal or have a hard time with trich but this year has been extremely hard.

If anyone is interested in talking to me or asking questions, please email me at


2 Answers
August 02, 2017
Most people undergoing trich have people in their life that are only able to offer support to the best of their capacity. So, essentially, you have a responsibility to yourself to find what resources are available to you that will help you overcome it. If you wait for someone else to come through with a resolution, you will always fall victim to circumstances that you're equipped to conquer. Anyone I know who has successfully overcame their trich, even with several relapses, did it because they took responsibility for their situation. I remember my first break through with overcoming trich. I've had it since I was around 6 years old, and, it wasn't until close to a decade later, I realized I could try to improve my condition by trying new solutions I had not tried before bc I allowed myself to believe I didn't have what it took to overcome it.
August 02, 2017
I'm not sure if your depression is exacerbated by your trich or if your trich is exacerbated by your depression. But, I do know it's a vicious cycle that can be hard to break. I'm deducing from your post that the source of your depression stems from the difficult circumstances that coincide with having trich. But, you're not damaged goods bc you have trich, and your confidence, perception of your physical self, and social life are not destroyed; only impaired. Don't accept defeat. For me, my life with trich improved once I embraced it and didn't let it keep me from stimulating feelings of self-worth. I started to accept trich as more of a unique quality I possessed; among my many other beautiful attributes. I practiced self-love and forgiveness and it eventually led to a renewed sense of empowerment that allowed me to improve how I saw myself and how I, subsequently, interacted with my external environment. I wish I would have known earlier on in my disorder how easy it was to turn the things around in my life that I felt would never change. Improve your thoughts about the situation and watch your life manifest in a way you didn't think possible. The universe will respond to whatever energy you emit, so forgive yourself daily and start applauding yourself for all that you do right and celebrate what makes you great. Keep going, it gets better. You still have a great life ahead of you, don't deny yourself happiness because you can't look beyond this one battle you're undergoing.

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