Someone (who knows how I feel) needed

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Someone (who knows how I feel) needed

I've been pulling my hair out since year 6 to the point where the top of my head is completely short and I have never met someone irl who has trich. I consider myself to be very self conscious and anxious all the time and I know trich has slowly ruined my life. The fact that trich had destroyed my social life, my confidence and my physical perception of myself, made me wonder if I could talk to anyone about it. My parents are quite supporting of what I go through daily but they fail to be able to react to it in a way that would help me overcome it. Alongside my abnormal disorder, I have had multiple bouts of depression since year 6. Last year I was feeling a lot better with myself and did not feel suicidal or have a hard time with trich but this year has been extremely hard.

If anyone is interested in talking to me or asking questions, please email me at