Help - Just need someone to talk to

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Help - Just need someone to talk to

Here it goes. I'm a 25 lady and I have trich. i pick and pull at my hair all day long and i have an office job where I sit on my tuckus all day and am on the phone and it's just too easy for me to sit and pick at my hair and pull it .. my hair is about half the length it was from me picking and breaking off my hair. I just need advice and someone who knows what i'm going through. People around me do not seem to grasp all that trich is.


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get loads of fidget toys or anything else for your hands to play with

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hey nutmegz. been there! firstly, am glad you found this forum. i hope you realize now that you are not alone! & while other people may not understand, i hope you will find support here. there are also private FB groups as well.

keeping your hands busy is great, but the best is trying to get to the underlying urge / reason for the trigger.

when you catch yourself pulling, ask yourself why? also try to understand what you are feeling in that moment. is it stress? tiredness? boredom?
pulling is a coping mechanism for these emotions. sort of a release of that energy. but if you can get to the underlying trigger & release the energy in a more positive way, the pulling can be replaced. this takes time & practice. for ex:
if it is stress: as soon as you realize you are pulling, pause & take 3 deep breaths
if it is tiredness: go to sleep! (if you are at work, then trying taking some full body stretches / drink a glass of water / splash water on your face to wake up)
boredom: grab that fidget toy, or go for a quick walk around the office - maybe chat with a coworker for a few minutes

i hope these ideas help!