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hi guys I'm lookin for a trich companion, a high school aged girl? I'm a junior. Into country music, one tree hill, pretty much an average teenage girl, very silly and outgoing. I just want a friend that is going through trichotillomania to talk to.

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Hello I am sorry you are feeling alone. I have been wanting a trich companion for awhile now. It seems no one can understand the feelings and everything trich really brings. It's much more than a picking habit.

I'm a 27 year old male and probably have nothing in common with you so as for me being a friend, I don't think that would work out. I hope you can find a friend to talk to about things like this maybe it would be motivation to quit pulling, but I hate to admit this to you but these forums are dead. I tried my best to spark conversations here. I told my story and no one seems to care even here among everyone who feels almost the same in ways. I hope your reaching out helps, but maybe there might be another forum out there that is better to find someone to chat with than here. Not to put this place down, I thought it was a great idea but now I am just bitter at the lack of community here. Sorry for ranting.. bad day. lol