Eyelash extensions for trich?

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Eyelash extensions for trich?

Hi guys!!

I am new to this forum so bear with me. I have had trich for 4+ years now and have found nothing that helps me stop. I have yet to try therapy/counseling but I do not have a great insurance plan right now so I can't afford continuous counseling sessions. I was wondering if anyone has tried and/or had good luck with professional eyelash extensions? My only concern is I have very few lashes and I'm pretty sure they adhere the fakes to the actual lashes. I wear cheap fake lashes occasionally but I really like the idea of how low maintenance professional lashes would be. Looking for a friend!!


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Hi there! There is a great place Www.HairWithaCause.com they offer soo much for trich people like myself. Lash extensions, hair extensions. Really good, check them out and let me know if you found any luck!

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Hey. I tried this. I highly recommend you not get eyelash extensions. If you are still actively pulling you will only pull these out I assure you. They make you want to pull more because you can feel something on your eyes. They consequences are also a lot worse. I had mine on for a day and was desperately trying to get them off with coconut oil because all I wanted to do was pull. Get some eyelash serum rapidlash and revitalash are amazing for helping them grow. Give yourself a goal and treat yourself extensions say.. once you haven't pulled for 2 months say. Big hug to you x

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Hi. I also have looked into this. They do attach fake eyelashes to your original lashes. You would need a decent amount of lashes for them to attach the fake ones to. As someone else also said you will probably end up pulling these ones out too. I know I would want to.