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Justme , 05 Apr 2017

Only just realised it had a name...

It only occurred to me properly recently that the hair pulling had a name. I'd remembered stuff about people pulling their head hair but didn't realise it applied elsewhere.

It started for me 4 years ago. I was pregnant with child 3 and suffering with hypermesis. Was very ill and very fed up and not able to do much and I remember pulling a hair out on my stomach and it came out so nicely. And I pulled another and another and then got some tweezers and have been doing it ever since. Mostly my left arm these days. I find it therapeutic. Sometimes the urge is there when I don't have a chance to do it and it's hard to ignore it and I'm always happy if I have a few minutes spare to pull. Which feels crazy to write. I could do it for hours.

I guess my main question is - is it something I need to fix? The hair on my left arm is sparse in the strip i tend to do but I'm fair so it's not noticeable. I've no other urges and my skin is fine. I can't work out if it'd cause me more hassle and stress to try and stop it/get help than the harm is causes (mostly a waste of time that I should be spending doing something else).

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