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lina , 18 Mar 2017

I invent this magic hat for triggers

You take a stocking with silicon board (regicalza ) cut the lenth you need and close it on the end and put it on your head. The silicon board face to your head it helps so much in .my moments of urges .you need to have it close to you wherewer you go . Tell me if it works with you please . Lina

2 Answers
March 18, 2017
I thing we have urges besause of infiamation in cours in the skin of head. More hears we take and more we need to take. Try put the cold water in the moment of your urges and you see that the infiamation is goes away . More long time we don't take your hears away infiamation goes away and associazione well urges besause. We must find something that quite immediatly this urges and block it just
March 18, 2017
Castor oil: naturally adds moisture to your skin and helps treat itchy skin. Many people describe their compulsions as being similar to the sensation of itching. By eliminating itchy skin or scalp, it may be possible to help alleviate trichotillomania symptoms. Other benefits include anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The same is true of bacteria that may have infected your scalp. Treating it naturally can help keep your hands off your hair and your follicles firmly in place. Lina

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