Can Trich be caused by a major life upheaval ?

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Can Trich be caused by a major life upheaval ?

This is my first time being brave enough to talk about this debilitating behaviour of mine. It has only just dawnec on me that this behaviour started at the same time some pretty significant life stress was going on. After asking my dr the length of time on anti depressents and more significantly , the month and year. I have now realised the two have started together. This was seven years ago, what started as pulling at my ends, ended up in myself peering into a magnifying mirror so I could cut off all the split ends, which of course there wasn't any. I eventually pulled and cut so much I was bald, I have lived in wigs ever since. I have tried numerous therapy where I have to write down and measure the amount of hair lost. I have trialled two types of medication which just made me ill. I feel if I had help working through what happened to me when I started to pull, I might be on the right track, what do you think ?