Hair eating help?

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Hair eating help?

I guess I pull my hair out? I run my fingers through it and twirl it and sometimes end up pulling it out. But twirling turns to smelling it and rubbing it against my lips and I end up twirling it into my mouth.

Threads get caught between my teeth and coat my tongue after an episode and it makes me want to vomit afterwards sometimes and feel like something's in my throat.

I have a days since app that I reset when I find myself eating it. I don't count when I play with my hair so I'll actually get somewhere. I try chewing on hoodie strings instead or a pen or fiddle with something. I constantly wear a ponytail or hoodie.

Is there something else I can do? Anyone else who does something similar? Anyone wanna talk?

This is a form of self harm, I learned, and that fact hit me hard. I don't want to get a hairball in my intestines or need surgery to remove it, but I probably will if I keep doing it, if it keeps building up.

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I take away but don't eat . Try not to snello but throw away can't you ? Sorry for my inglish

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I do the same thing and I've realised that when I needed to pull I used to play with strings or bite on other things, you could buy shampoos that leave a taste behind?