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friendlynyc , 20 Feb 2017

Trich sucks I know. My recent coping and treatment.

I am a man in my thirties, I have been fighting trick, for about 20 years now, I remember when I was first began pulling out my eyebrows, my parents and friends thought I was trying to be silly. Until it started becoming a constant noticeable issue. In high school I went to obtain permission with my parents to the principal so I can carry a permission note to wear a hat or large sunglasses to cover my eyebrows, or lack there of. Any-who some copingggg solutionssssssssss ******

For your Appearance since I can only hope one day I will stop this horrible habit, so to cope and get by the cosmetic product Wonder brow maybe about ($30)works really well to blend out bald spots, takes a little practice and needs some hair present. I also did had the micro blading eye brow enhancement done(cost about $300-600). It worked really well , however me being a straight man, And since it's still freshly done, I feel a woman will have better results since the eye brow looks like 75 percent real , and for a man it can be looked at a bit weird , if ur eye brows may seem too perfect. , Best of luck to everyone, I know the struggle, and to the parents, never blame your child. I understand the shame and insecurity, just reassure them that they are beautiful no matter what.

2 Answers
August 07, 2017
There are also eyebrow wigs even for guys on I just recently found out about the site and eyebrow wigs today! After reading recommendations and watching videos they look very real, made up of real hair and are way cheaper than microblading.(which you have to get touch ups for, can get very expensive) I can't imagine guys putting any kind of makeup products on their eyebrows without it looking unnatural or girly; which is why I'm suggesting these eyebrow wigs for those who don't have enough for microblading and don't have enough eyebrow hair for the products. They are $50.00 for a set and last awhile if you take good care of them they are meant to last and from what I hear can be worn days at a time and not come off (very sticky glue). I hope this helps you guys!
September 06, 2017
I feel sympathy for you. I also have Trich, but I only pull from the crown. I have bald areas so I put my hair up now in a bun. If I want a fuller look I where a wig or extensions.

Sadly, the people in my life know about my problem but they just blow it off and tell me to just stop. They make me feel as if I am week and cannot stop, but in reality I feel the pulling is out of my control.

Anyways thank you for sharing. I'm glad I'm not alone.

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