Trich sucks I know. My recent coping and treatment.

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Trich sucks I know. My recent coping and treatment.

I am a man in my thirties, I have been fighting trick, for about 20 years now, I remember when I was first began pulling out my eyebrows, my parents and friends thought I was trying to be silly. Until it started becoming a constant noticeable issue. In high school I went to obtain permission with my parents to the principal so I can carry a permission note to wear a hat or large sunglasses to cover my eyebrows, or lack there of. Any-who some copingggg solutionssssssssss ******

For your Appearance since I can only hope one day I will stop this horrible habit, so to cope and get by the cosmetic product Wonder brow maybe about ($30)works really well to blend out bald spots, takes a little practice and needs some hair present. I also did had the micro blading eye brow enhancement done(cost about $300-600). It worked really well , however me being a straight man, And since it's still freshly done, I feel a woman will have better results since the eye brow looks like 75 percent real , and for a man it can be looked at a bit weird , if ur eye brows may seem too perfect. , Best of luck to everyone, I know the struggle, and to the parents, never blame your child. I understand the shame and insecurity, just reassure them that they are beautiful no matter what.