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Browneyes , 19 Feb 2017


Hi. I'm new here, I just made an account today. I'm 17 and I've been struggling with thrich for almost 5 years. It started with the backs of my hands and my fingers, spread to my arms, and now my eyelashes. Just today, after weeks of not touching my eyes, I cleared nearly 60% of my lashes. I've decided I need help. I only just started seeing a therapist, but my closest friend suggested I try a forum. So here it goes. I'm hoping, at the very least, to finally get the feeling that I'm not longer alone. Thanks for listening.

2 Answers
March 08, 2017
Hi. I'm 17 too and started eating my hair in 7th grade cause social anxiety. So 4 years. I play with my hair, comb through it, but I'm not sure that counts as pulling. My big problem is trichophagia. I've had to reset my timer four times today cause I caught myself putting it in my mouth. I can feel it in my mouth and I'll probably wake up wanting to vomit. I'm chewing on a hoodie string right now.

You aren't alone. I have a friend who pulls hair from his forehead line and he's shaved him head twice. I also saw a little girl, a toddler, getting yelled at by her mom for putting hair in her mouth a few years ago, and that's the first time I realized other people did something like this too.
A Dying Storm
March 09, 2017
I'm not relatable quite to your situation but have you tried to eat gum in place of a hair? Or gone out and done something physical to distract yourselves? I've never eaten my hair and I mainly target my eyelashes. I just know distracting myself helps.

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