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InthesameBoat , 17 Feb 2017

New Worry about my eye lashes

I have not pulled in 28 days and I am extremely happy and proud of myself. I still am very critical and over analyze the fullness of my lashes, but I notice a marked difference since I've stopped pulling. Now here's my issue. I rub my eyes on occasion and I notice that every time I lose some hair from my left eye! I know I'm overly sensitive but I've lost quite a bit in comparison to the right eye. Has anyone ever experienced this? Did I traumatize my eye, is it going to recover? I'm trying to reset my brain to accept hair loss as normal, but it is difficult at times. Please share any of your personal experiences or wisdom!

1 Answer
A Dying Storm
March 09, 2017
I'm sure it will recover, it will take time to be 100% and maybe it won't be 100% but you have to give it time and patience. I had been pulling for 13 years and they started to grow back. Not perfect, but almost there and then I became depressed again and fell back into the habit and now it's been 15 years in all. When they were almost all back they were not as full as 13 years prior but I don't expect them to be the same right away, I'm sure it needs time to heal after years of damage.

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