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A Suggestion

Hello I have a suggestion that could put a stop on trichomania. I myself suffered from this in my adolescence, however I don't remember how exactly did I stop to do that but I did. What could help though is storing hair strings.
Yes, taking the type of hair string you usualy like to pick, of your preference, and storing it in a recipient for when you urge to hair picking. Whenever you feel like picking hair again you remember that the delicious to picking hairstring is waiting for you there inside wherever you stored it. In that manner a lot of hair strings will be saved if you turn to the stored hair string everytime the urge comes instead of picking the other hairstrings will save a lot of hair in the process.It works just like "scapegoating" except nobody is being harmed in any way. I would also relieve it by distracting with other things that are beneficial or neutral.
~I hope it helps~