I want to share my success

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I want to share my success

I have been pulling my eyelashes and eyebrows for about 7 years. My pulling can be from boredom but is heightened with anxiety and stress. Within the past couple months I have started to see a psychologist and work on myself so that I could possibly get to a place of of occasional pulling or even stopping. I have found that rubbing my hands on a small comb and even using it to scratch my eyebrows, deep breathing, regular exercise, and gently redirecting/reminding myself out loud to stop and lower my hands has helped me actually stop pulling! I have not pulled out a single hair or even gently pulled in 12 days. Every night I draw a star on my calendar when I have had a day with absolutely no pulling so I am able to see how my days have added up. I know this is just a start and I will eventually pull again but it feels so good to relish in my small triumph.

I hope I can inspire someone else to seek help from an experienced doctor, not to be embarrassed to ask for help, and to finally learn to manage your pulling.

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There is some good advice here, some I never really would normally think would work.. but the star on the calendar might help with motivation. Hope it's all working well for you. You seem determined.