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Buttons , 18 Jan 2017

Parents with trich

Am a mom of a 2 year old son and I pull my hair out and can't stop. I have shaved my head 2 times and thinking about do it again I don't know if I will. I have pull for a long time since I was little like a baby my mom tried everything to help me stop some stuff work for awhile it get bad when I started High School I started pulling more so to hide it I started wearing hair clips to hold my hair in place so I got made fun of a lot cuz of my clips it help me stop pulling cuz I would wear the clips all day even at home until I went to sleep but eventually I stopped pulling so my senior year of high school I didn't have any Clips I wasn't bald it was great but when I found out that I was pregnant it started back up and I haven't been able to stop I have try all my old was to stop but nothing worked out so I shave my head but that didn't work. I just need some help with this and should I shave my head again or not I don't know what to do?

1 Answer
A Dying Storm
March 09, 2017
I couldn't say that shaving your head will help as those hairs growing back out could be irritating and cause you to start pulling more. Keep your hair long and use it as motivation to stop pulling, don't let trich tell you to shave your head. Unless it is something you feel you want to do.

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