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Shady , 16 Dec 2016

I'm fed up

I am fed up with this piece of shot ocd. I'm tired of it. Today I broke a two day streak of no picking, and it really pissed me off. I was just sitting there watching a video on how to stop pulling, and then I just said "you know what f*ck this, I threw my phone on my bed ran into the living room, and screamed "I'm never f$cking picking my eyebrows again!" Then I reputedly punched the wall. I will end this OCD right now!

2 Answers
December 19, 2016
Aside from the butchering of the english language, I'm not sure what you mean by "ocd", since it's most likely to be trich. Otherwise, I doubt that "reputedly" punching the wall and getting angry will actually do anything other than maybe delay picking. What I've done personally is that I shaved a small part of my head by my hairline where my bangs can fall over it, and rub that instead of picking. Idk if that'll work but it works sometimes for m e.
February 09, 2017
I think you should celebrate the success of the 2 days where you did not pick! Everyday can be a success and you can look at the positive side and realize that you do have the capacity to control your urges to an extent. Personally I find that seeing a psychologist biweekly is very beneficial, speaking to someone about my compulsion helps me to open up about why I pull but also why I don't pull. Talking this out with someone you trust helps you realize your triggers you to pick and what triggers you to not pick. For me stress definitely triggers me and if my boyfriend is having a tough time also triggers me, but if I exercise and am work oriented then I pull less. This is a compulsion that is difficult to tackle without outside help. I find that rubbing my palm on a comb feels satisfying to me. Maybe you could try to see what you can use to replace your picking? Holding something fuzzy or hairy, prickly or squishy....everyone is different but you should start trying different things out to see if that could help at all.

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