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Sabjuju , 14 Nov 2016

I found help!!!

I have had Trich for over 20 years...recently I have found that 2 tsp of coconut oil daily, one probiotic, and listening to nature tapes twice a week have not lessened my urges to pull but completely removed these urges... I have not pulled one strand in two weeks... Not sure if it just the probiotic or just the coconut oil bit together they are doing it for me!!!!! I hope this will work for you but I had to share!

2 Answers
Tasneem Abrahams
November 15, 2016

That is such great news Sabjuju! Thank you for sharing your happy news. I hope it helps someone on this forum. Do keep us updated.

November 30, 2016
Congratulations Sabjuju!!! Yes, as Tasneem says, please keep us updated. I am almost 50 and have been dealing with Trich for as long as I can remember. Worse yet my Trich is Trichophagia, so there is medical danger involved (although I have never had any noticeable consequences with it medically). I have tried expensive hair extensions which helped me keep my Trich at bay for a couple years after they grew out. I thought I was cured, but I realize now we are never actually "cured", but we can be in remission thank God....
Recently, I have found a therapist that specialized in Trich and other BFRD. We did 2 hypnosis sessions and it worked for about 4 months. When it came back I have tried it again (about a week ago) and so far so good. Seems to work even better than the first time, and with only one session! This time however, I am trying the NAC Therapy with it...
Here is a link in case you haven't read about it. My therapist suggests taking two 600 mg doses in the a.m. and two more in the evening. You can even go up a little more than that also. She also recommends the same brand (Swanson) because of the quality of the vitamins.

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