Hair pulling

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Hair pulling

Hi everyone I'be been pulling my hair for 12/13 years now and I'm fed up! Has anyone got any tips on how to stop or reduce it? I mainly pull at my eyelashes and hairline, however it's becoming more noticeable on my hair line and it's getting me down. Any advice appreciated x

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Hi Steph, welcome to the forum. Have you had a look at the articles here at Trichstop? In the treatment section you will find a whole bunch of information that you may find helpful. I am sharing some of the links here to help you get started. Best of luck!


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Immerse yourself into some physical activies/sports/martial arts, anything keeping your mind and hands busy. Do it as often as you can. Distract yourself.

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have you tried hair extensions? it can be tricky, hair extensions helped me, i found myself going to a different spot for a bit. it really just depends. does wonderful extensions for trich