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Acorn12 , 13 Sep 2016

A thought about trich

Hey guys,

I want to get your thoughts on something. I have been reading a lot of psychology books on the subject of attachment patterns in relationships. According to some research, the early relationships we have with our parents or guardians can cause a person to have a dominant brain hemisphere and a somewhat weaker hemisphere. Based on my own experience growing up, and my current personality, I suspect that I have a weaker left brain hemisphere. (This also makes a lot of sense to me based on my academic strengths and weaknesses.)

Anyway... I have always pulled my hair out in a specific place in the left side of my scalp. Do you guys think that it's possible that part of the urge to pull hair has to do with trying to stimulate certain parts of the brain? I read once that people lean their heads in different directions based on what part of the brain they are using because doing so increases blood flow to that part of the brain.

1 Answer
Tasneem Abrahams
October 03, 2016

Hi Acorn12. There certainly is evidence that pulling can be linked to sensory seeking and seeking stimulation. I cannot comment on whether there is any link to attachment theory though, but it certainly is an interesting point to ponder.

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