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Em22 , 08 Aug 2016

Questions about eyebrow regrowth and drawing them in

Hi everyone! I've been dealing with trich since I was 16. While I've gotten the excessive, frantic pulling under control, I still have a couple issues I'm dealing with. Right at the beginning of one (very sparse) eyebrow, I have a patch of dermatitis. I've tried everything from anti-fungal cream to tea tree oil. It doesn't look as bad as it did, but it still itches a lot. Unfortunately, whenever the hair there starts growing back, the itching increases to the point of being almost unbearable. It's the one thing that sets me back and makes me start pulling, because that seems to relieve the itchiness. I can't just scratch, because I have my eyebrows drawn in and that will just wipe off the brow pencil (even with makeup sealer). Has anyone dealt with something similar, and if so, what did you use?

My other question relates to drawing in my eyebrows. I have yet to find a brow pencil that really works. None of them stay sharp-it's almost like they start softening up as soon as they touch my skin. I've tried keeping them in the freezer for a bit, but that doesn't help. I really want a brow pencil that I can use to draw in realistic looking eyebrows, and I don't have to sharpen so much that they get used up much quicker than they're worth. Any suggestions of specific brands? So far, I've tried Cover Girl (which worked for a while, but now their dark brunette color has been lightened and no longer matches my hair color); Loreal Brow Stylist (which squishes as soon as I use it), and Rimmel (which is the perfect color, but still requires a lot of sharpening). Maybe I'm just bad at finding the right amount of pressure to use when drawing them in?

I'm glad I found this forum; I wish it had been around years ago when I was in the worst of the struggles, but better late than never!

3 Answers
September 03, 2016
Yes! Actually I have dealt with both. Okay so the first one takes a little trial and error with different products, I find when I allow more time to do the "eyebrow process" especially when the beginning area is raised or sensitive and itchy, it makes it easier on me. Also, vanity. Lol. I will risk that temptation in fear of messing up the creation! LOL.

As far as drawing in, or as I like to call it, "eyebrow rebuilding"....I actually have a little video that might help. I use two products to actually build the eyebrow, MAC Veluxeliner and Anastasia Dipbrow....and then set with either it! Costmetics setting powder or makeup forever setting powder. NYX has a really good one too.

Anastasia is REALLY amazing for staying power.

Here is a pictorial version of the tutorial:

and the vid

let me know what you think or if I can help!!!

Tasneem Abrahams
September 09, 2016

Thanks Em22 for your question and to Pullingthru for the fantastic links. I will be sure to share these on our social media links too!

Another technique I came across recently on the web is microbalding. Here is a link to the article:

Good luck!

September 09, 2016
Thanks for the advice! I'll look into both of these. :-)

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