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lora-l , 26 Jan 2014

i'm new


i'm new to this place, posting first time, thanks in advance for your answers!

I think this is the first time that I'm realizing that I have a problem and there's a name to it. I've been pulling hair from scalp. eyelashes, eyebrows... anywhere really and chewing it. I never told this to anyone and noone told me anything about it, I guess I'm really good at concealing it. But it feels really great that this place exists and to know that I'm not the only one!
Any advice/support would be really appreciated. Thanks!

2 Answers
January 29, 2014
Hi Lora! You're definitely not the one, millions literally have this.
Hard to give any specific advice without really knowing you.
Did you try getting help from a psychologist?
February 02, 2014
Hi Trickie, thanks for your answer!
No I didn't go to therapy, I'm not even sure who should I talk to. I'm beginning to realize though that I might need to get help. I'll start exploring the options. Thanks for the idea.

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