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Emma07 , 14 May 2016

Trich & introducing myself!

Hey everyone, my name is Emma and I am nearly 18yrs old, and I live in Queensland, Australia! I am a full-time university student.
I believe that I have been apart of this group a number of years ago when I first started pulling, but I haven't been on here in a very long time! Since then I forgot my username and password, so made a new one haha! I have had trich for nearly 10 years now... its crazy!

I first started pulling at my eyelashes, then when I didn't have any lashes to pull I moved to eyebrows, then I moved to head hair when all my lashes and brows were all gone... the head hair pulling didn't last long though only a few months because I freaked when I suddenly saw a massive bald patch at the back of my head, so I stopped that pretty quickly and I only very rarely do that now (definitely not to the point of bald patches occurring!)

Since then I have matured and I'm not picking at my eyebrows any more, I have pretty much full brows and I have had them naturally, permanently tattooed on for a few years so they just look natural and normal! The only place I really pick at now is my lashes! I do have some sparse short lashes growing, but whenever my lashes start to grow super long they all get pulled out pretty quickly anyway, which is disappointing :( so I just have to try super hard to resist that urge to pull them all out!

I guess I started up on this group again because I would love to chat to and meet some wonderful new people with trich, and start making some more friends that have the same as I do! I am a friendly and happy talkative person that is always up for a chat, not just about trich too, I'm up to chat about anything, and support you! ;)
I would absolutely love it if you sent me a message!
My email is;

Much love,

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