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sdc44 , 18 Apr 2016

Viviscal for permanent damage

I have permanent damage / baldness on the top of my head from pulling for many years. I have heard those roots are dead and cannot be revived. I am wondering if there is any hope other than transplants -- such as Viviscal supplements?

3 Answers
Tasneem Abrahams
April 20, 2016

Hi sdc44,

I am not familiar with Viviscal supplements so after a quick internet search my interest is peaked and I am sure other people with trich would also love to know the answer to that question. I will therefore be investigating this topic further and will write up an article about my findings so do look out for that! Thanks for your question!

May 23, 2016
I had success with Vivasical. I had extensive bald patches and was worried they would not grow back.

Context: I was in therapy and doing well not pulling but was very frustrated that parts of my hair seemed like they would never grow back. I tried Vivasical after taking hair vitamins made by Phyto (those made my hair shiny but not thicker). I'd read that movie stars us Vivasical after they cut their hair short for a roll.

After 3 months of taking the tabs religiously, I noticed denser peach fuzz forming and turning into regular hair on MOST of the spots (some were a little thinner but still improved).

I was pull free for about a year and a half and stopped taking it because it also makes your leg hair grow fast.

It helps but it's NOT a miracle worker. But for me, something working at all felt kind of like magic.

I hope this helps and good luck

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