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Pink Lady , 01 Apr 2016

New and needing support for trichophagia

Hi all. I am 28 and developed trichotillomania (accompanied with trichophagia)16 years ago (at age 12). I pull from the pubic region and my calves and do chew up the follicles and hairs into tiny bits before swallowing. I'm worried I have developed a trichobezoar from swallowing the hair and follicles for so many years. Does anyone else eat/swallow hair/follicles? Looking for support. Thank you

3 Answers
Tasneem Abrahams
April 06, 2016

Hi Pink LAdy. Welcome to the forum! Thank you for your courage in sharing your struggles with our us. I recognize it is not easy. I also recognize that it is even harder to seek help about this, but if you suspect you may have developed a trichobezoar I would urge you to seek medical consultation as soon as possible. Trichobezoars can be life threatening if allowed to grow. Please do seek medical attention and please let us know you are okay! Best of luck!

June 17, 2016
I chew the follicles. I can't believe the details of this are so similar. If I don't get the root and get to chew it, I go after another one, where I get the root. I read somewhere that there is a spike in dopamine when one pulls the hair out from the root, is that true?
Tasneem Abrahams
June 23, 2016

Hi NYpullgirl, it may very well be. There is some research linking dopamine and seratonin level to skin picking and hair pulling. However there is no definitive answer as this is not the case across the board. 

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