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Gh , 28 Feb 2016

Trich long term eye damage

I had trich since I was around 12-13 , I'm 25 now.
My picking was mainly focused on my eyelashes, I had huge periods where I had no lashes at all and would frantically pick at even the smallest regrowing hair.
The trich it self seems to have calmed down massively but it's the after effects that are now weighing heavy on me.
My eyelids and the area above below my eyebrows have suffered, the constant pressure and trauma has made my eyelids puffy and sometimes they go a deep red I can't stand the sight of them, they make me look dopey and tired, people are always commenting if I've had a good nights sleep or not or that I don't look very healthy.
Of course if I Don't get a good nights sleep or drink alcohol they get worse but even when I'm living very healthily, my puffy eyes always remain.
I'm wondering what kind of treatment I could get to rectify this?
I understand I probably won't get very far with creams but would love someone who maybe has the same issue as me to prove me wrong.
If not what are the other options apart from surgery?
Please help.
Thanks for reading.

3 Answers
Tasneem Abrahams
March 01, 2016

Hi Gh,

Thanks for sharing your experience with this forum. There are so many aspects to this disorder I haven't heard of this problem before although I am sure there are others who pull who can relate. I hope they will find your post and share their experience! While I don't have an answer or suggestion to your question I am noting this down as a potential topic to research and perhaps write about for our blog. If I find any treatment suggestions you can try I will certainly post it here for you! In the mean time if you do happen to find anything yourself please do share. Best of luck!

March 06, 2016 name is Anne....and I have just joined this group...I am a 46 year old who developed trichotillomania when I was 10 years old....from what I have learnt about trichotillomania...I think the trigger was when my dearest and predominately only friend moved away when I was that age. I pulled my eyelashes and hair for mother took me to several doctors over the years thinking I had sties ....causing the loss of eyelashes and the doctors back then only wrote prescriptions for creams or eyedrops. For me personally having trichotillomania affected my social relationships.....I rarely made eye contact with others, embarrassed about not having any eyelashes. I still have trichotillomania....but it isn't the same as it was when I was 10....I think all the pulling when I was younger damaged the hair follicles of my eyelids and even though I don't pull my eyelashes anymore....the lashes are very fine and weak. I would live to talk to others about their experiences and hopefully learn more about this OCDI have lived with for so many years :)
Tasneem Abrahams
March 11, 2016

Hi amrm6474,

Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with this forum, it takes great courage even if anonymous. Do you have any advice you can offer to the young lady who started this thread?


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