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amyluck , 18 Dec 2015

trichster film - where can i see it?

HI all, I'm new here. Where can I see the trichster film? Is it out yet? Can't find it anywhere online.

3 Answers
Tasneem Abrahams
December 19, 2015

Hi amyluck,

What is the name of the film? There are 2 that I am aware of:

Are you referring to either of these or is there another film?

December 21, 2015
Hi Tasneem, yes I mean the first movie you mentioned (trichster doc)
I did some digging online, its says it's been shown on some film festivals already, so I'm thikning where I can see it,
Tasneem Abrahams
January 06, 2016

If you do find out please do post here, I will also try yo find out and share on our social media channels.

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