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Trichac , 09 Dec 2015

What causes it?

Something i am forever puzzled by. There is no definite answer anywhere. So whats your opinion?

1 Answer
Tasneem Abrahams
December 16, 2015

Hi Trichac,

Thank you for your question. As you say there is no definite answer anywhere. This is because trichotillomania is still a very poorly understood disorder. As more and more people are starting to come forward about this condition the interest in the research community is growing, which hopefully will lead to more definitive answers about this debilitating condition. In my opinion, I believe there is not only one specific cause, but rather a number of things that can cause the onset and perpetuation of trichotillomania and it will differ for different people. Evidence shows that theres is a strond genetic correlation for some, while for others onset may be triggered by another mental condition such as OCD, depression or anxiety. As an occupational therapist in mental health I am also of the opinion that there are strong links to sensory processing disorder, but as majority of research in this area is from the psychology profession, the causal link between sensory processing disorder and trichotillomania has not yet been researched. I realise I have not answered your question, I do apologise. But I have confidence that our understanding of this consition will only continue to grow.

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