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FDhere , 07 Dec 2015

Is it possible to beat trich 100% ?

I have been affected by trichotillomania for the most part of my life. I tried a few times going to therapy but it didn't really help, and I came back pulling each time.

In your opinion is it at all possible to eradicate this problem for good? Do people really recover from this?

5 Answers
Tasneem Abrahams
December 16, 2015

Hi FDhere, thank you for your question. As a therapist on for's online therapy program, I have had a few clients who have reported a complete cessation of pulling upon completion of the programme. However I must stress that this is a chronic condition so there is no miracle quick 'cure' so even in recovery, the process is ongoing. Our program is structured to try to provide clients with the skills that they can practice on their own in the long run to try to sustain the advances they may have made in the programme. I hope that answers your question.

December 17, 2015
thanks tasneem
its good to know that it is possible
the tricky part is to sustain it, as you say
July 08, 2019
Hi FDHere. I see you posted a long time ago. Hope you come back and see this answer. Hope that you have found ways to stop or at least greatly slow down your pulling. I have had trich for many years, most of my life, but have had years where I did not pull, and years where I did. But I do know there are people who have quit pulling for good, for a long time, as in permanently. I am on the right track right now, receiving counsellor help through trichstop. I joined trichstop out of desperation, after an all night pulling spree, with no sleep. I undid all the new growth that was happening, once again. So I joined, paid money I can't really afford, to have an online counsellor and a program, but decided I could not really afford NOT to spend the money, as I needed to find a way to stop pulling forever. Have been in the program for only a week, and have pulled 1 hair out on one occasion, and 2 hairs on one other occasion. Other than that, pull free days and doing well. Feeling like I am finally on a permanent road to recovery. We need to get to the bottom of the reasons we pull, and then find new ways to cope with what is bothering us, and a new way of thinking, and we need to learn and practice self love. Trichotillomania starts usually after experiencing trauma, loss, abuse, depression, or as a result of anxiety etc. It soon becomes an addicting habit. I found for myself I pulled when tired, stressed, depressed, angry, and even certain foods like too much chocolate/sugar, etc.. There are/were many triggers for me. Once it becomes an ingrained habit it becomes much harder to quite. It requires a lot of reprogramming our minds, so that we stop criticizing ourselves and being so hard on ourselves. If we pull in the bathroom, spend less time there, if we do it when anxious grab a stress ball and squeeze it. Find things to do with the hands instead of pulling - art, knitting, stress balls, etc. Deep breathing techniques, etc. Read and research all you can, join and participate in support forums for those with trich. I read of a man who quit pulling hair on his scalp out, and claims he is cured from trich, by taking probiotics. He took two capsules per day of Ultimate Flora Probiotic Daily Care 30 billion. I found just before I started the trichstop program that it seemed to be helping me, to take these probiotics, and the pulling urges were way less. But I was only using them a short time, and noticed when I stopped taking them or was irregular, the urges got worse again. So I am going to take them again, and try to remember to take them twice a day. The fellow who cured his trich by using probioitics , one capsule 2 x day, still takes one capsule per day for maintenance, and does not want to risk stopping them all together even though he no longer has trich.
July 21, 2019
If you start pushing probiotics or any other form of Food Supplements that are not proven scientifically you are probably a fake!
July 21, 2019
The guy who took the probiotics said it worked for him. If you go to the link I gave you can find info on reaearch done regarding probiotics. The guy who quit pulling is not a fake. I emailed him once and he responded. He just wants to tell people what helped him stop in the hope it will help others. No absolute guarantee it will work for everyone but probiotics are not harmful and are heloful for certain issues with the gut. I am day 12 of being pull free. I paid for the online therapy counsellor and program through trichstop. There is no guarantee you will be cured of trichotillomania but I know it has certainly helped me to be pull free. I hit my bottom after an all night pulling spree and was desperate when I signed up for the program. Nobody is a fake, just trying to help and encourage each other and share what worked for them.

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