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annieopie , 04 Aug 2015

new here....but not to trich

Hi......I have had trich for a very long time, since childhood basically, but its manifestations worsened into adulthood. Finally I started shaving my head 16 years ago. I wear skullcaps when I go out. Frankly, my attitude about shaving my head is "Big deal". I take just as good care of my elderly residents without hair as I do with hair. That is my main concern. I also have Tourettes and OCD, which, mainly the TS at this point, concern me more. Just wanted to share. I have ambivalent feelings about growing my hair. I've tried to in the recent past but didn't succeed. I've been more concerned with picking the skin off my hands; when I mentioned that to my doctor, she put me on n-acetylcysteine. This was fairly recent. I know that can help with hair-pulling as well, so I'll see. I feel very thankful that I do not eat the hair I pull out; my heart goes out to those who have to deal with that.

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