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KAY , 11 Apr 2015

Triching like crazy!!!

Hi my name is Kay and I'm from South Africa,I'm 30year old black woman and have been triching since I was 13years old... I'm scared to seek help as this is taboo in my culture,don't want to sound insensitive but do other black people like me suffer from this disorder? Help me please as I desperately want to stop.

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April 16, 2015
Hi Kay, my names Elena. I also am suffering from Trichitillomania. It's really embarrassing and humiliating. It's like I can't even control the impulse to do it.. I just have to. I used to have really long hair and I started pulling last year and at first it was just me playing with my hair but then it got to the point where I would rip strands out and eventually I cut my hair short so people wouldn't notice how uneven it was. And now it's gotten eben shorter since I started last year.. I even have extensions now. I miss having my own naturally long pretty hair and I don't understand how or why I started doing this. It's weird cause I seemed to have just picked up this bad habit as a way to deal with stress or anxiety or something.

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