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hi everyone, my name is lily, im new to this site.

I have been pulling form the age of 21 and its just so horrible, it has affected the top of my head. I have managed to get some regrowth at the front of my hair through but the area behind it is still affected.

I have decided to do something about it, i go through stages of pulling but i just want a barrier or something to completely stop me from being able to reach my hair

Iv met with a wigmaker called Rosa in london who makes tricho systems, has anyone else heard of her or used her services? I have gone to many consultations with london clinics (i am based in london) and they just dont seem like they really care about the patient which sucks. I found this lady and had a consultation, she seems very knowledgable and the real deal!

If anyone could help me with reviews on her please let me know


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Hi Lily,I know what you are going through... And I admire you for having courage to talk about this.... I don't have any advice to give as I'm seeking one too! Been triching since the tender age of 13,this is my way of taking the first step to seeking help,as I'm a new mom of a 3month old baby boy,don't want him growing up and seeing his mom with such a bad habit.