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MomB , 04 Apr 2022

Hair Piece

I’m a mom who is trying to help my adult daughter with trichotillomania. She Has been battling for a few years now and has approached me to help her get a small hair piece. I’m glad that she shares her struggle with me and I never cross the line as to ask her about her therapies. My question is how do I go about helping her with this? Have any of you experienced this yet and is insurance any help. If I’m over stepping my bounds in your forum I’m truly sorry. Just looking for some guidance.

1 Answer
April 16, 2022

I too am the mom of an adult daughter who has struggled for many years with Trich. I was lucky enough to have a personal hair stylist who knew about trichotillomania and first got her a hairpiece years ago. Since then she has gone to a wonderful salon in Seattle Washington. Insurance is a no go in my opinion. You can get a prescription from a dr for a “cranial prosthesis” but that likely just saves you sales tax, as it will be considered a medical device.

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