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mclark , 04 Mar 2022

Catagen phase hair roots

Is it normal to pull out some hairs without a bulb but with what looks like a dried outer root sheath versus the usual moist root sheath material? I can't find an image of this anywhere online. In the hairs I’m finding, the root sheath is white, appears dry, not moist or transparent/gelatinous. Hopefully, this will help my question make more sense to you and sorry for any confusion.

1 Answer
January 22, 2024


Thank you for sharing.

The hair growth cycle involves different phases, including the anagen phase (active growth), catagen phase (transitional), and telogen phase (resting, about to shed). The appearance of a dried outer root sheath without a bulb might suggest that the hair was in the telogen phase and likely ready to fall out naturally.

However, if you have concerns or notice changes, consulting with a dermatologist can offer further insight into your unique situation and experience.

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